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Lukosi Monitoring Public Summary December 14
Summary For the official audited Monitoring Report and Public Summary please refer to The New Forests Company Annual Sustainability Report based on the GRI G4 Guidelines available from: This document may be viewed as a report to provide additional information for FSC standards compliance.   Location The property is located in the Iringa District of Tanzania.   FSC Products…
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PMP Summaries
PLANTATION MANAGEMENT PLAN PUBLIC SUMMARY  LUKOSI PLANTATION, TANZANIA   Updated: November 2014   Approved By Position Rob Parker Forestry Manager – Tanzania   Introduction This document is a public summary of the plantation management plan (PMP) for Lukosi Plantation.  It briefly outlines key elements of the PMP.  Fuller details are available from the PMP, which is available upon request from…
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NFC and Mubende community sign agreement to settle mediation
Please first select to read the full article and then click on this link:  
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President Museveni commends the New Forests Company
President Museveni commends the New Forests Company for contributing to the growth of Uganda’s forestry sector and for boosting the business tempo.   To read the full article, please follow the link below:
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New Forests Company successfully passes FSC audit
Kampala, July 5 2012 – The New Forests Company today announced it had successfully passed its annual audit of best international operating practises as set out by the Forest Stewardship Council, the leading international forestry standard organisation. SGS, the international auditing firm and the leading approved FSC auditor in Africa, said during the company’s third annual audit that NFC continued…
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