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Get Involved

After about 5 years of working in our surrounding communities, NFC has a depth of experience, effective models and strong relationships that help us to implement projects successfully. Because NFC is going to be in these areas in the long-term for many generations, we can help to ensure the long-term viability of our community partnership projects and models as well as assist in monitoring other projects in the area.

Here are some examples of ways to get involved:

  • Development Organizations: are you looking to implement your project or model in rural areas, but do not know where to start? NFC can provide you with all the local knowledge you need to be successful in these areas which are typically 15 – 45 kms from a tarmac road and thus extremely rural. We are constantly trying to get rural development organizations into our areas and would be happy to offer advice and guidance about our particular areas, soon to be in five countries across east and southern Africa.

  • Funding: are you a company, individual, family foundation or other funder who is interested in funding long-term, sustainable community partnership projects in communities in rural Africa in health, education or income generation? NFC would love to co-fund a project with you! Anything from building a shallow well to funding a student to attend Forest High School to constructing a maternity ward to contributing seedlings to the outgrower programme. Projects range in funding levels from about US$1,000 to US$500,000.

  • Technical Expertise: do you have expertise in monitoring and evaluation, project design or Social Return on Investment models? While NFC does not have too much money to invest in this and is trying to ensure the processes are as cost-effective as possible and the majority of funds are spent on the communities themselves, we are currently exploring different options for quantifying the impact that we are having and would love any pro-bono assistance in developing this innovative and trail-blazing sustainability model.

  • If you are interested in what you have read about NFC’s community projects and want to know more, get involved or support the projects in the ways listed above or other ways, please get in touch with the Corporate Responsibility Manager, Kate Sharum at