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Social return on investment

One of NFC’s strategic focuses for 2010 is to develop a cost-effective methodology for measuring Social Return on Investment of our community development programme. This methodology will incorporate: 

  • Overall socio-economic impact of NFC on surrounding communities 
  • Financial returns to the company through risk mitigation 
  • Specific impacts and results of each project 
  • Quantifiable social impact of NFC’s community development programme

We will work with local research institutions, international university research faculties, and some other experts to develop a model and begin implementation in the first half of 2010. We will update this page in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2010 with more details on the model and how it is working.

While NFC has known anecdotally and theoretically that these projects are “working” to develop the communities and attract community support for the company, we now look forward to the process of critically analyzing and attempting to measure the specific results of the projects and the programme overall to ensure that we are investing the best value for money for returns for the community and NFC.